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Per Ticket Service FeeBased on annual tickets
(i) At box office fees are kept lower.
ONLINE CAD $1.99 per ticket
OFFLINE $0.89 CAD - $1.49 CAD
Coming Soon.................Online $1.39 CAD + 7% per ticket and 2.99% Credit Card Fee
Complementairy TicketsYES
(i) Free / Minimum fee based on annual sales – ticket limits
(i) Minimum Fee based on event – ticket limits
Software / Event Setup FeesAs low as $800 to $5,500
(i) Our client relations evaluate each client with their own unique brand and the way they do business. Not all features are for everyone. We work with your team to build you the most efficient box office with the right features for your staff and patrons. TicketWindow and implementation process is seamless and fully ready for you launch date as we train your staff to be self sufficient.
-$0.00 - $75.00
(i)Each event setup including seat map build has NO COST.
(ii) Additional services
Box Office ReportingYESYESYES
General Admission (Tier Pricing)YESYESYES
Coupon Ticketing and TrackingYESYESYES
Group Rate TicketsYESYESYES
Ticket TransferYESYESYES
Mobile and Print @ Home CustomizableYESYESYES
Reserved Seating + (Tiered Pricing)YES-YES
Ticket ResaleYES-YES
Thermal Ticket Printing
In-office ticket printing

(i) Customize your own tickets and
include ticket back advertisement
for your sponsors.
Box Office Sales PortalYES--
Patron Management YES--
Order Management YES--
Packages (Season Tickets)YES--
Bundle (Flexible Package)YES--
Donations Module (Multi)YES--
Call Center
(order by phone and patron support)
At Event Staffing
(Includes equipment: Scanners, Computers)
Digital Media Marketing Support YES-YES
Sponsorship Support YES-YES
Customized Tickets YES--
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